What do you have to do to be a good DBA ?

From time to time, people on the Oracle forum, or comp.databases.oracle.server newsgroup ask the question: “What do you have to do to be a good DBA ?”

Joel Goodman and Harald van Breederode – a pair of highly skilled and very experienced instructors at Oracle University – recently asked themselves a slightly different question: “How do you have to change to stay a good DBA in the modern environment ?”

Historically, the Oracle DBA skill set was database-centric, usually limited to software installation, database creation, day-to-day maintenance, performance monitoring, tuning and most of all, backup and  recovery. Since  the arrival of Oracle 10g,  the  technology within  the DBA arena has changed, due to the increase in automated monitoring, tuning and manageability
features within  the Oracle  kernel,  and  also expanded  into  areas  that were  formerly  the  responsibility of OS, storage, and network administrators. Due to these changes, the knowledge required by the typical Oracle DBA has increased, requiring additional skills and in some cases job responsibilities. This shift from the traditional DBA, which we call DBA 1.0, toward the mod-
ern, post Oracle 9i DBA, which we call DBA 2.0, has occurred gradually over the past two major releases of the Oracle Database Server.

This expansion of the multi-skilled roles, DBA or otherwise, is countered by the ever-increasing strict partitioning of job roles and access restrictions in financial environments. It’s been two years since I was at a client or on a job where I had actually had any access to the OS for example or had any dba level access to the database (in theory at least). ..


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