AWR / Statspack

People frequently ask questions about interpreting statspack (and AWR) outputs. So I’ve started to collect references to examples of statspack (and AWR) outputs that have been published on the Internet with intelligent comments about interpretation. A few of the items are about related topics, rather than output and interpretation.

There are bound to be more items out there than I currently know of, so if you know of any good examples, add it to the comments list and if I like it I’ll add it to the main list.

Getting Started: if you don’t know how to install or use statspack, then the best place to start is on your server by reading the documentation at $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/spdoc.txt, which describes how to install it, how to take snapshots, and how to use the reporting facilities.

Footnote: Any advice about reading statspack reports is almost always relevant when reading AWR reports.

(from Oracle Scratchpad)


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