Increasing swap space AIX

In AIX 5.3, you can grow your paging space on the fly to whatever size you need, assuming, of course, that you have the necessary free disk space.

Page Space Physical Volume Volume Group Size %Used Active Auto Type
hd6 hdisk0 rootvg 512MB 97 yes yes lv

If you have space enought to extende the swap space, execute:

smit > system storage managment > logical volume manager > paging space > change/show caracteristics > hd6 > inpute the number of PPs you need to
make 2.00GB.

Execute: lsvg -l rootvg
— See how many LPs currently make up your 512 MB

Execute: smitty pgsp
Change/show Characteristics
— select hd6
— Type in enough LPs to bring it up to 2 GB,
i.e. 3x the LP count for 512 MB, and press ENTER

You can *shrink* the page space using the same process.



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