Top 10 ETL Tools Reviews

ETL Tools:

ETL is the short form of Extract, Transform and Load. These are key tools required when handling Database and Data Warehousing.  Also, if you are using any cloud storage services, these ETL tools are very of great importance. The main functions of these tools is to migrate the data from the source database to the required database through cloud computing or Data warehouses.

These ETL tools together combine a process which are; Extraction of data from the source file, Transformation of the required file type from the original type to the required type so that it can be accessed from the target source and Loading the files into the target database or data warehouse.

If your business process includes any kind of Data migration or transformation of Data from one format to another or Data mobility then you might have to employ these ETL tools to enable your business process. Below, you can find few of the major ETL tools that are being used in the market.

List of Top 10 ETL Tools:

1) Informatica – PowerCenter

Informatica – PowerCenter

PowerCenter is the ETL tool introduced by Informatica Corporation, which has strong customer base of over 4500 companies. The main components of PowerCenter are its clients tools and repository tools and servers. PowerCenter starts the execution process according to the Work Flow of the client server.

Pros and Cons: The ready availability of the tool and the easy training modules has become a major hit among the customers.  One other advantage in this ETL tool is, this tool can be integrated with the Lean process which is widely used in any manufacturing company.

2) IBM – Infosphere Information Server:

IBM – Infosphere Information Server

IBM, the market leader in Computer technology has introduced Infosphere Information server for Information Integration and Management in February 2008. This is a data integration platform which can help you with cleansing, transforming and transport the required data into Data warehouseand also interpret data into the required business analytics. Over the years IBM has introduced many upgraded versions of this server.

Pros and Cons: Infosphere servers version 8.7 and 9.1 are capable of the integration with new Netezza which helps you in fast loading and optimum clarity in the transformation of Data. These are mainly designed for Big Data companies and it may not be right choice for midsized B2B companies.

3) Oracle – Data Integrator

Oracle – Data Integrator

Oracle Corporation Ltd, the experts in the Database Management systems has created their own ETL tool in the name of Oracle – Data Integrator. Due to their increasing customer support, Oracle has updated its ETL tools in various versions. In the latest version, Oracle has integrated Oracle ETL tools to Oracle GoldenGate 12C, which creates a rapid fast software portfolio for Data Migration and Data Analysis.

Pros and Cons: This Data Integrator is compatible on most of the platforms and it is one of the rapid processors. As described earlier, it is an integrated portfolio which is much suitable for large organisations who have on recurring needs and not suitable for one time migration.

4) Microsoft – SQL Server Integrated Services

Microsoft – SQL Server Integrated Services

SSIS is the Data Migration ETL tools created and introduced by Microsoft.  With SSIS you will be enabled to use a scalable enterprise data integration platform.

Pros and Cons: In SSISthe transformation is processed in the Memory and so the integration process is much faster in the SQL server. SSIS is only compatible only with all the SQL servers.

5) Talend – Talend Open Studio for Data Integration

Talend Openstudio is one of the most powerful data Integration ETL tool in the market. This provides improvised data integration with strong connectivity, easy adaptability and good flow of Extraction and transformation process.

Pros and Cons: It fits in for every kind of Data Integration process from small file transformation to big Data migration and Analysis. Moreover, its highly scalable Architecture has created a huge customer base.

6) SAS – Data Integration studio

This SAS Data Integration Studio is the core component of the SAS systems. Over the years, SAS has improvised itself as the provider of the best Data Integration tools and systems. To satisfy the growing needs of their customers, they have upgraded into more complex tools which help them in organising and Analysing the Data transferred.

Pros and Cons: This tool has a clear and easy integration with the production process and other business process components. And also you can find an exceptionally good auditing and Data capturing process with these ETL tools.

7) SAP – BusinessObjects Data Integrator

Initially BusinessObjects Data Integrator, the ETL tool introduced by SAP was known as ActaWorks. Primarily, this tool was created to build Data marts and Data warehouses. But later, they created Data Integration models which allow the customers to customize their package.

Pros and Cons:Data Profiling and Data validation are very attractive features in this ETL tool. The advances version of the Data Validation also serves as a Firewall for your Data Network. The only down point here is, it is more suitable for small and mid sized enterprises.

8) Clover ETL – CloverETL

Clover ETL is the Data Integration portfolio introduced by Javlin Inc in 2002, based on Java Platform mainly designed to transform and cleanse the Data from one source Database to required target Database.

Pros and Cons:  This is a tool working cross platform hence the user circle is not restricted to certain OS users alone. The Non availability of the debugging facility is one of the reasons why the big enterprises do not opt for Clover ETL.

9) Pentaho – Pentaho Data Integration

Pentaho Data Integration is an ETL tool run by Kettle runtime. Here, the procedures are saved in XML files and interpreted in Java files while transforming the Data.

Pros and Cons: Comparing to the other ETL tools, this tools has a slow performance rate. The other major drawback is the absence of the debugging facility.

10) AB – Initio

AB Initio is Enterprise Software Company whose products are very user friendly for Data processing. Customers can use these tools for Data Integration, Data warehousing and also in support for retails and Banking.

Pros and Cons: This is considered as one of the most efficient and fast processing Data Integration tool.

We hope this list of top 10 ETL tools is useful for you to make a wise decision.




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